This website contains information and resources for the Boston College learning seminar in the Spring term 2018, on Khovanov stable homotopy types. Talks will be:

Ladybug configuration

Thursdays, 1.00pm,
Maloney 560, Boston College

Background: In 2011, Lipshitz and Sarkar defined a new invariant for links in the 3-sphere. Given a diagram for the link, they associate a CW complex, whose cellular cohomology is the Khovanov homology of the link. The CW complex is an invariant of the link when considered up suspension and formal desuspension - in other words the link invariant is a stable homotopy type.

The idea of the seminar is to understand the original Lipshitz-Sarkar construction, which goes via the machinery of "framed flow categories". After this, we will consider some of the many offshoots of this construction that have appeared since 2011.