Index Theory Seminar

This is the website for the Index Theory Seminar organised by Patrick Orson in the Spring Semester of 2011.

The seminar will consist of 9 lectures by various speakers detailed below. Unless otherwise noted, lectures will take place on Mondays at 4:00pm in JCMB 6301.

Schedule of lectures

The following is a tentative list of lectures with topics and speakers. Extra lectures might be added and any such changes will be reflected in this web page as soon as possible.

  1. Monday, 24 January 2011
    Connections and principal bundles
    Paul Reynolds
  2. Monday, 31 January 2011
    Clifford modules and Dirac operators
    Patrick Orson
  3. Monday, 7 February 2011
    "Episode 1"
    Michael Singer
  4. Monday, 14 February 2011
    Characteristic classes
    Andrew Ranicki
  5. Monday, 21 February 2011
    Analytic properties of the Dirac operator
    Mark Powell
  6. Monday, 28 February 2011
    The heat equation, traces and eigenvalue asymptotics
    Michael Singer
  7. Monday, 7 March 2011
    Hodge Theory
    Moustafa Gharamti
  8. Tuesday, 15 March 2011
    JCMB 4312
    The Lefschetz formula
    Spiros Adams-Florou
  9. Monday, 21 March 2011
    The Index Problem
    José Figueroa-O'Farrill
  10. Tuesday, 22 March 2011
    The Getzler calculus
    José Figueroa-O'Farrill

Lecture Notes

  1. Episode 1
  2. Connections on principal bundles
  3. Clifford bundles and Dirac operators
  4. Characteristic classes
  5. Spectral Properties of the Dirac Operator



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